The Year in Pictures 2016

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I don’t know what this means, but I see Peyton Manning throwing the ball a bit on the sidelines … The Denver Nuggets have shocked the Golden State Warriors … That’s Pugh! Her first international goal … Brady fields the snap from the eight and he’s in trouble; he’s hit hard by Von Miller … Von Miller did it again! He knocked it out of the hands of Newton … This one’s for Pat!

Words. Words. Words. The words above describe just a tiny sliver of what transpired across the 2016 sports landscape (and they all happened within the first five weeks) in what was undoubtedly one of the most memorable years in the Mile High City. It is words that usually occupy these pages – each one carefully investigated, researched, crafted, and edited for your enjoyment and education. It’s words that linger in our minds years after the fact, helping preserve the memory of our teams’ greatest achievements.

Yet, those words can never tell the whole story. They cannot fully illustrate a player’s joy after scoring a goal. They will never capture the physical and emotional pain inflicted by a devastating body blow. They fail to describe the enormity of the scene when a mass of humanity descends on one place to celebrate their team’s victory.

For 15 years Mile High Sports has been delivering the words that describe everything that was, is and may someday be in Colorado sports. Now, we present our first-ever Year in Pictures issue. We hope the pages that follow tell you everything that words could not for the sports year that was.