The addition of Darian Stewart to the Broncos secondary was like adding the final piece to the puzzle; suddenly, everything clicked. And with everyone returning for another go-round this season, there’s not much reason to make a big-time move in free agency or the draft.

Still, just because you’re strong up top doesn’t mean you’re set. As the Broncos proved last season, depth is a contender’s most-important ally.

For as great as Stewart and T.J. Ward played last season, there were large chunks of the year where one or neither of them were available, forcing second-, third- and fourth-string guys to step up in big moments.

While Denver would like to hope that Ward and Stewart can remain a little healthier in 2016 than they were in 2015, you never know, and the Broncos need to be prepared.

Here are five free agents who could play that role of emergency safety for the Denver Broncos (Hint: Their names should ring a bell):

5. Rahim Moore

free agent safeties

EXPERIENCE: 5 years     DRAFT: 2nd round (45th overall) out of UCLA


’15 CAP HIT: $3 M     PREDICTED ’16 CAP HIT: $1-2 M

LAST YEAR: 16 total tackles; 1 interception; 2 passes defensed

BEST YEAR: 51 total tackles; 4 interceptions; 6 passes defensed; 1 forced fumble (2014)

WHY THE BRONCOS COULD BE INTERESTED: Before you chuck your computer at me, listen … okay, I got nothing. Chuck away.

I’m right there with you. The words Rahim Moore still send chills down my spine. But, I mean, we did just win the Super Bowl and all. Isn’t now the perfect opportunity to forgive and shove horrible memories down into the deepest depths of our soul?

At this point, Moore is in need of a little support. For him, “The Dream” has turned into “The Nightmare” as he was benched after just seven games in Houston, earning him a one-way ticket to Cutsville earlier this week. A million dollars or so to backup Stewart might not be a bad idea.

That said, there is a reason why he’s fifth on this list.