Former Denver Broncos offensive lineman Mark Schlereth thinks what Tom Brady may or may not have done when it comes to delating footballs is no big deal.

In fact, he says, Brady’s role in DeflateGate was just a little bit of gamesmanship.

Some may call it cheating, but to Schlereth, it’s just trying to gain a competitive edge — something he did throughout his NFL career.

Schlereth recently sat down exclusively with Mile High Sports Magazine‘s Robin Carlin and didn’t hold anything back when it came to his thoughts on Brady and what he himself used to do back in the day to gain a leg up.

An excerpt from that interview is below:

Robin Carlin: Back in January of 1998, you and two of your fellow Broncos linemen were fined $5,000 each for having Vaseline on your arms during a cold game in Kansas City. A lot of people brought that up during the whole “Deflategate” talk. Is it a pertinent interjection into the conversation? Was that the same? Different?

Mark Schlereth: Deflategate is Tom Brady going 72 in a 65 and getting pulled over and spending a year in jail.

The problem that you get into in this league is there has been a culture of cheating, or circumventing the rules, since the day this league was conceived. And the NFL has really done nothing about it. At best, they’ve slapped people on the wrist.

I think this really goes back to Spygate. This is really kind of a “lifetime achievement” award for the Patriots. They’re sick of the organizational arrogance and the quote-unquote cheating or circumventing the rules. But that’s just kind of the world we’re living in.

The NFL is just taking such a rash of garbage – because of decisions they’ve made and Ray Rice and Greg Hardy and all these other things – for the first time that I can remember, they’re getting beat up in the court of public opinion.

Think of it from this standpoint: The head of the Competition Committee, Rich McKay, who’s the president and CEO of the Atlanta Falcons – they’re pumping crowd noise into their stadium. He’s the head of the Competition Committee. Far more of an advantage, far more egregious, in my mind, than having a couple of balls slightly deflated. Far worse of a quote-unquote crime. He got suspended – not taken off permanently – from the Competition Committee. The organization, I believe, got a $350,000 fine. I think they lost a fifth round draft choice. They swept it under the rug and we moved on. That, to me, is so much worse.

Having been on the offensive side of the ball and having played in crowd noise, being in New Orleans coming out of the end zone and you can hear the speakers blaring, it’s so hard. And it’s so unfair. That’s way worse than have a couple of underinflated balls. In the second half they were inflated properly and they still killed them. It’s just not a big deal in my mind. The Vaseline thing? I mean, shoot, you know, I had Vaseline on my arms in every game I ever played. I had stick ‘em all over my gloves. You name it, anything to help you as a player, and nobody really cared. That’s gamesmanship, things we all do to give us the best chance to have success. I don’t think any of them are really that big of a deal.

That’s some great stuff right there. Stink’s basically saying get over it, everyone does something, including myself.

Schlereth also opened up to Carlin about the state of the offensive line now, how some guys have found a loophole to stay on rosters longer than they should and his big plans beyond television. You can read the full interview right here.