Over the last month or so we’ve been barraged with news and updates on John Elway and his contract negotiations with Super Bowl MVP Von Miller.

At the same time, DirecTV has blitzed us with an advertising campaign featuring rock icon Jon Bon Jovi “turning back time” with one of their new DVR features.

All this Elway attention, and Bon Jovi singing about “the power to turn back time” had me fondly reminiscing on those great Arena Football League commercials that pitted the league’s two most marketable figures against one another. Elway and Bon Jovi each owned teams and the league put together some legendary commercials to promote that fact.

In the first, Elway and the Colorado Crush make a house visit Bon Jovi and the Philadelphia Soul to the league. A little trash talk ensues and you can guess what happens next.

The commercial was such a hit, the did a reboot to promote area bowl in Las Vegas. My favorite part of the Area Bowl commercial was seeing some classic Colorado sports names like John Dutton and Damian Harrell. The Brett Favre joke is on point, too.