Denver Broncos Ring of Fame center Tom Nalen will be in one of the most hostile environments possible when he watches his former team square off against the Carolina Panthers. The two-time Super Bowl champ and native of Boston will be in Patriots territory when Super Bowl 50 kicks off, and that’s just fine with him.

Nalen is back home and able to collect on some debts owed to him after Denver upset New England in the AFC Championship, but he’s doubling down on the Broncos despite the fact the team is again an underdog.

He’s getting double-or-nothing with some friends who “still think the Broncos aren’t any good.”

Playing the role of underdog, being dismissed as no good, is a familiar role for the Broncos. They’ve been counted out all season as they adjusted to a new offense, then when Peyton Manning struggled, then when he went out with injury and then against very good teams in the playoffs.

Nalen joined Renaud Notaro on Super Bowl Sunday to preview the game and share his experience having played in the big game and emerged victorious twice.

“It’s almost like Christmas morning,” he said.

The excitement can get to some players, as Nalen recalls the distractions that hurt Atlanta, which he felt led to a big win over the Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII.

Denver had some distractions early in the week, but things settled down and they appear to be as focused as ever.

As to why Nalen is doubling down on the Denver Broncos, he says it’s because people are putting too much emphasis on Peyton Manning’s age.

“They see a 39-, 40-year-old Peyton Manning out there struggling and they act like the other 52 guys don’t know how to play football,” Nalen said about the critics who counted out Denver against New England.

Denver has been defying the critics all season, though, and that’s reason enough for Nalen to believe they’ll deliver the team’s third world title.