No one will mistake Tony Wolters for being the most powerful hitter on the Colorado Rockies, but don’t tell that to the baseball he mutilated on Tuesday evening.

In the seventh inning with two outs, Wolters hit a slow-roller off the end of the bat toward the third base side of the pitchers mound. Padres pitcher Miguel Diaz fielded the ground ball, and then made an absolutely awful throw to first base and Wolters reached on his error. After examination of the ball, it’s easy to see why his throw was so bad.

Wolters hit the ball so hard that the tore a path of the hide off of the ball. The flapping baseball obviously gave Diaz a hard time, and led to a baserunner for the Rockies.

Now all Wolters needs to work on is getting that swing into an uppercut and sending that unraveling ball into the Rockpile.