The top five inside linebackers in Denver Broncos history

3. Bill Romanowski

Career in Denver: 1996-2001 (6 seasons)

Pro Bowls: 2-time Pro Bowler; 2-time Super Bowl champion

Romanowski would be the first to tell you he was as mean and dirty as a player could get in the 90s. Before Ndamukong Suh entered the fray, Romanowski topped the charts for dirty players. He developed a reputation after he snapped Dave Meggett’s finger, broke Kerry Collins’ jaw, kicked Larry Centers in the head and spit into J.J. Stokes’ face.

Told you he was dirty.

“When you’re going 150 miles an hour on every play, for 60 minutes, ‘Hey, did I cross the line?’ Absolutely,” Romanowski said. “I was a guy who never wanted to fall below the line.”

Besides that, he obviously had real talent. He earned a trip to the Pro Bowl in 1996 and 1998 and started in both Super Bowl wins.

Despite his ferocious and often controversial play on the field, he never missed a game in his 16 year career, compiling an impressive list of stats: 1,105 tackles, 39.5 sacks, 18 forced fumbles and 18 interceptions. Somewhat ironically, he is now the CEO for wellness company, Nutrition53.