As the deadline approaches, it’s been a very interesting 24 hours for the Denver Nuggets – in a soap opera kind of way. Here’s the latest:

BLOG: Lawson misses practice because of “travel issues”

Ty Lawson missed Denver’s first practice since the break after spending some of all-star weekend in Vegas, as reported by Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post, who adds that the team was not notified by Lawson ahead of time. Not long after, Lawson posted this on instagram.

I’ll avoid the Allen Iverson jokes and just say this: I’m all for a weekend in Vegas, but you should probably show up to work on time, or if not, definitely let your employer know you won’t be there. Combined with his earlier DUI – as well as other problems, both legal and with the organization that Dempsey details them in the piece above – it doesn’t seem like Lawson is embracing what many think in town think is his role as “leader” of the Nuggets. As expected, head coach Brian Shaw didn’t seem too happy about his best player’s no-show, and the longer this season drags on, the easier it becomes to sympathize with Shaw’s inability to connect with his team.

Of course, Lawson’s also playing some of the best statistical basketball of his career, and his absence was made more curious when a report from Chris Broussard of said the Nuggets were shopping Lawson, despite earlier statements in the week denying they would be actively trying to move the point guard. Broussard also states that Shaw has an eye on Pacers guard George Hill, whom he coached as an assistant in Indiana. Hill is averaging 14.1 points in 23 minutes per-game for for the Pacers.

Although, as rumors often are at this time of year, reports varied as the night dragged on.


Other things to take note of:

The Nuggets are reportedly mulling over multiple offers for guard Arron Afflalo, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.


Wojnarowski also reports that Oklahoma City Thunder guard Reggie Jackson, who was linked to Denver earlier in the year, has asked to be traded by the deadline.

The NBA trade deadline is this Thursday at 1 p.m. MT.

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