Nathan MacKinnon‘s primary occupation is that of an NHL star.  In addition to playing for the Colorado Avalanche however, he also has a few side gigs. First there was Tim Horton‘s. Now, he is getting into acting.

On the 11th season of Trailer Park Boys, which came out on Netflix on Friday, MacKinnon makes a guest appearance. Who does he play? Well, he plays himself, of course.

“All those guys are from my hometown, so you’re a little star-struck being out there,” MacKinnon said on Thursday. “They came to Denver. I met them a couple years ago after their comedy show they did. They invited me out to do a cameo. I think it’s funny. Honestly, I haven’t even seen it yet, which is a little scary. I’m hoping it looks okay. I’m hoping I did a good job.”

This isn’t MacKinnon’s first foray into the acting world, as he also appeared on the Canadian show Mr. D.

Here is the trailer for the latest season of Trailer Park Boys.

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