Trevor Siemian seemed to be on cruise control Sunday against the Bengals. He was forced to throw the ball downfield after the Cincinnati defense was able to stop the run, and after some second-half adjustments, he began to show some of the skeptics what he is possible of.

Coming into the season the Broncos were hurting for a play maker at the quarterback position. Fans in Denver were reluctant to welcome such a young, inexperienced player to the starting role. The ability to come out and have a game like he did on the road, though, was a fantastic revelation in Denver.

“What was most impressive to me, obviously starting at home and the two games [wins], was going on the road,” Brian Billick told Nate Lundy and Shawn Drotar on Mile High Sports Radio AM 1340 | FM 104.7. “The formula of playing great defense and running the ball has been spectacular for them. Running for 100 yards in each of the first two games, to then go on the road and the running game not be there and now Trevor Siemian with his first start on the road steps up and has a magnificent game, completing 23 of 35 for 312 yards and four touchdowns. It’s like, okay, we know our formula, but if it’s not working and I can do this, I think it’s the most impressive road win of all 3-0 teams that you saw [Sunday].”

When the run was stopped during the first half, Siemian and the coaching staff were forced to change their approach. The fact that such a young quarterback in this league showed that he could be successful after the original game plan was shut down, might give the league and Broncos fans a sneak peak to what Siemian can really do.

“That is what differentiates the really good quarterbacks from the not-so-good quarterbacks,” Billick said. “The ability to make plays outside the designed formula. I don’t know that I saw that a lot the first two games from Trevor Siemian, not that he had to because the running game was going and the defense was getting turnovers. But this game he had to do that, he had to man the offense. That’s what really good quarterbacks do.”

Over the first three games, Siemian has matured as a starting quarterback. Coming out of college at Northwestern, he was not the quarterback that now plays for this Denver Broncos team.

“You just didn’t see this in college,” Billick said. “I saw nothing in his college performance to indicate that he could come on to the scene and develop the way he has. You see a growth curve with him that is very, very encouraging.”

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