So, we all know that Tupac lives on an island with Elvis, Amelia Earhart and Cam Newton‘s’ dignity. He has been notorious for leaving the island, though, presumably aboard Earhart’s plane, to attend various functions of minimal connection to his public life.

Apparently Mr. Shakur is a fan of the Denver Broncos, because of all the social events and all the music awards in all the world, he decided to attend Aqib Talib‘s wedding, along with a sizable portion of the NFL.

Or at least this twitter user suggested in this post.

We pored over thousands of images, and after countless hours of deliberation, we are confident that it was indeed just Denver Broncos cornerback Kayvon Webster.

Tupac Kayvon Side by Side 2

It was difficult, but in the end we can rest in the knowledge that the truth has indeed been found and that the sighting was simply a lapse in common sense.

Tupac fans will just have to continue waiting for their beloved 90s rap icon to return.

Tupac Kayvon 2 x 2

Or will they?