ESPN released a list on Thursday of the Top 10 Feuds in the NFL. To no one’s shock, two feuds that made the list are Broncos-related.

Elway vs. Brock

John Elway and former quarterback Brock Osweiler come is at No. 5 on the list.

Osweiler became a free agent after last season and it seemed he would be the quarterback of the future. Elway wasn’t convinced. His contract offer backed that up. Osweiler felt betrayed and ran to Huston to find more money and comfort.

Texans owner Bob McNair said that Osweiler wanted to get out of the shadow of both Elway and Peyton Manning, two of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. It seems like Osweiler never saw either of them as coaches just competitors. Elway stated that he wasn’t going to get in a biding war for Osweiler.

Talib vs. Senior

The second Broncos feud that made the list was Aqib Talib vs. Steve Smith Sr. at No. 8.

Talib and Smith have quite the past. They had multiple on-field altercations when Smith was on the Panthers and Talib was on the Patriots. Smith famously told Talib to “ice up, son,” after Talib left one of their battles with a hip injury. Smith also went as far to call Talib “another notch in the bed post.” But when they played each other for the first time in Ravens and Broncos uniforms Talib answered back with a pick-six on a pass intended for Smith. The Broncos will not play the Ravens this year, so a chance at some more action will have to wait.

Hopefully the Broncos can come to terms with Von Miller so the Broncos don’t have a third feud added to this list.