A lot has been made about Colorado Avalanche rookie Tyson Jost‘s grandfather Jim, who has been known to get emotional when his grandson succeeds. Jost gets the attention, and appreciates the support he is getting; but there is someone else behind the scenes, further from the spotlight, that deserves a lot of credit for the man that he became.

“[The fans] see my grandpa crying, and stuff like that, and that’s great; but it’s my mom behind the scenes who really makes everything happen and really put me in the position I’m in right now,” Jost told Mile High Sports.

Laura Jost raised Tyson and his sister by herself. A single mother, she sacrificed so her children could achieve their dreams.

“I had a special childhood,” Tyson Jost said. “Obviously, I had a single mom, and she means everything to me. She raised me to the best of her ability. She did such a great job. I owe so much to my mom.”

Tyson Jost’s grandparents were in the picture, and he definitely appreciates their support, but it was his mother, more than anyone else, that really went the extra mile.

“I owe a lot to my grandma and grandpa, but especially my mom. She deserves a little bit more credit than she gets.”

Last year, while Tyson was off playing in the World Junior Championship for Canada, a video was released, in which he paid tribute to his mom. You can view it here:


Video credit: TSN via Puck/YouTube

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