The chief argument for starting 2016 first-round draft pick Paxton Lynch over 2015 seventh-round pick Trevor Siemian is that we’ve seen Siemian’s ceiling, while Lynch’s potential ceiling as an NFL quarterback could be much higher and we’ve yet to see it. Whether you consider that proper or flawed logic is inconsequential when it comes to one of the key decision makers in choosing the Week 1 starter against the Chargers.

Following Saturday’s Preseason Week 2 matchup with the 49ers, a 33-14 Broncos victory, Head Coach Vance Joseph said in his postgame press conference that the starting quarterback will be determined based on performance, not potential.

“That does not matter,” Joseph said when asked whether Lynch’s status as a ‘top prospect’ (compared to Siemian) factors into how the locker room perceives the chosen starter.

“Whoever wins the job, wins the job. He’s the best guy for our football team. So, where you’re drafted does not matter. It’s about performance not potential,” Joseph said.

In two preseason games, neither Siemian nor Lynch has looked otherworldly. Siemian, however, has posted better overall numbers and has generally looked more in control of the offense during his reps. Lynch has flashed his athleticism, but also looked like a quarterback still finding confidence and comfort at the next level.

Joseph didn’t tip his hand as to which way he’s leaning, although his comments when asked about both QBs’ performances did seem to have a slight lean towards Siemian.

“Well, I saw Paxton make some plays with his legs, which he should. He’s an athlete,” Joseph said postgame. “And Trevor, he was solid. He was Trevor. He made good decisions. His ball placement was on point tonight. You know, he controlled the huddle, so I was pleased with Trevor.”

Regardless of who he chooses, Joseph is pleased with his options and believes he’ll have an above-average backup.

“Yeah, I mean in my opinion we’ve got two quarterbacks. We’ve got two good young quarterbacks that I’ve been pleased with the entire camp, you know? So, whoever wins the job is going to be the right guy for our football team, and whoever’s the backup is going to be a pretty good backup. So, it’s exciting to have two guys,” he said.

Joseph will and his staff be poring over tape on Sunday and Monday, trying to decide if they’ve seen performances enough to make a decision; however, as of the final whistle on Saturday he was leaving open the possibility that the competition could extend into next week.

“I’m not sure,” he said when asked if he would make a decision this week. “You know, again, the timeframe is not important. What’s important is that we get it right. So, it could be this week, it could be next week. But, we’re going to go back and watch the tape and see where we are.”

While the timeline is uncertain, we can say with certainty that Joseph’s input on the decision will be based on performance over potential.