Apparently losing a washed-up quarterback — sorry, Peyton — that almost led the league in interceptions despite missing half the year is worth a lot in Vegas.

After averaging 12.5 wins over the last four seasons, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook has listed the Broncos’ over/under at 9.5 wins, seventh highest in the NFL — there are five teams at 10.5 wins and Arizona sits at an even 10.

Mike Klis of 9News talked with Jay Kornegay, a Colorado State graduate and the man in charge of setting Westgate’s sporting odds, and even he was a little split on the line.

“As a fan, I think they can win 11 games,” said Kornegay. “But as sports book director, I think they’ll win 9.5.’’

While Broncos fans probably wish Denver was a little higher — you know, because they’re Super Bowl champions and all — it’s not all that bad. The Broncos were given an over/under of 10 last season and, again, no team was given a line higher than 10.5 this year.

In the end, though, that half or full point comes back to the quarterback, as it always does. Kornegay admitted that the Broncos would have likely been bumped up had Osweiler decided to re-sign in Denver.

“Probably,” Kornegay said. “Even though (Sanchez) will be in a relatively small-producing role, you still have to factor how he will do if they’re not able to run the ball. He’s at a position where he’s going to have to make some plays. And the jury is still out on him.

“And there are always challenges for the defending Super Bowl champions. There are going to be a lot of people after them. They’re going to have a large target on their backs.’’

Just like last season, the Broncos’ success will be determined by the dominance of their defense. That defense proved it could win a championship last year, and they’ll be looking to do the same in 2016.