The Denver Broncos have been practically eliminated from playoff contention, following their loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, raising questions about the end of head coach Vic Fangio’s tenure with the team.

While it seems very likely that Fangio will be coaching his final two games in orange-and-blue over these next couple of weeks, Fangio isn’t stressing about the mortality of his position and the security of his job.

“I don’t [worry about my job], and I know you think that’s a standard answer, but for a lot of reasons I do not worry about it,” Denver’s head coach told the media on Monday. “Those reasons are personal for me, but do I acknowledge that it’s certainly out there and could happen—absolutely. Do I worry about it? I absolutely do not worry about it for many, many reasons.”

Some of that lack of concern might be attributed to the strong working relationship he has built with the Broncos’ new general manager, George Paton.

“George [Paton] and I have a great relationship,” Fangio said. “I think I said a month or two ago that one of the bests assets the Broncos have is [General Manager] George Paton. I firmly, firmly believe that. I’ve been around a lot of general managers, some that are in the Hall of Fame, and I think this guy is just great at his job. He’s going to continue to be great at his job, and he’s going to have a major impact here on the Denver Broncos. Him and I get along tremendously.”

Fangio was much shorter and more direct when asked if he felt he deserved a fourth season, though.

“Absolutely, just the direct short answer there—absolutely,” Fangio said.

We’ll see if he can make a compelling case these final two weeks.