The Denver Broncos were able to acquire talent of all different kinds during the 2018 NFL Draft. After 10 draft picks and eight undrafted free agents, the Broncos have taken a step in the right direction as John Elway looks to retool this Bronco’s roster on the fly to be able to compete much sooner rather than later.

While all of the potential on-field help that was gained on draft day, there is something else to look forward to as the 2018-19 NFL season continually creeps closer and closer. Chubb’s step into the NFL is signifying that he is looking to expand his game, but he will also be able to expand his sack celebration arsenal as well, as he explains in his interview with Matt Boyer of after being drafted.

This has not gone over the top of Von Miller’s head either. If you somehow managed to not see Miller’s reaction to the Broncos’ selecting Chubb in the first round, watch it on ESPN’s twitter feed here. Miller, who is quite the character himself, is about to get the perfect side-kick on and off the field.

While Chubb’s on-field production is why he was drafted, it is hard to not be excited for the fun that comes with a man who is also nicknamed “Astronaut” after the rapper Future. The Broncos’ not only improved on the field with Chubb but off of it as well. There will be lots and lots of new dances and excitement to look forward to with Chubb playing alongside Miller.