On Wednesday, Von Miller answered some questions from Denver Broncos fans at a promotional event outside a local King Soopers, and he was very clear about his future.

“I’m going to be here in Denver no matter what. The contract is going to take care of itself,” Miller said to the crowd. “There’s nothing much else I can do except sit back and enjoy it. I’m going to be a Denver Bronco for life.”

The audience, understandably, went wild. Western Union, who hosted the event, was live streaming during Von’s Q & A.

While long-term contract talks have reportedly been distant, Miller has remained steadfast in his belief that things will work themselves out, and that’s music to Broncos fans’ ears.

It should be music to John Elway‘s ears, too.

Not only does he have one of the best defensive players of a generation on his team, but he has a generational talent that truly wants nothing more than to be a Denver Bronco for life. That’s about as good of a reason to get a long-term deal done as any.