Von Miller, arguably the greatest defender in Denver Broncos history, is an unquestioned leader of the team.

Miller took a break from Thursday’s Broncos practice to answer some of the media’s questions and to specifically heap praise on young stars Drew Lock and Bradley Chubb.

During Lock’s presser, which preceded Miller’s, the quarterback was asked if following his injury he got a talking to from the coaches on playing safe and protecting himself from injury.

“You always get talked to as a quarterback,” Lock said. “You can get down and avoid a tackle. Go ahead and do that or get out of bounds. But no, that is kind of who I am. I feel like that’s what got me here, so stopping that any time now because I had this little kind of freak injury happen, that’s just not who I’m going to be as a quarterback.”

The rookie is showing he’s wise beyond his years. He shouldn’t stop making plays with his legs or change his ways either. Turnovers are the occasional downsides of Lock’s gunslinging style of play, and that’s something he’ll have to refine as he develops. However, he shouldn’t completely overhaul that style of play just because of one awkward fall.

Von Miller must’ve thought so as well. The answer exhibited a grunt of approval from him as he was waiting in the wings.

When asked about his reaction to Lock’s answer, Miller answered, “I’ve said it before, what has gotten you all the way to this point is going to take you to the next level. I feel like when guys, especially stars like Drew, when they get here to the next level and they start changing stuff, I feel like that’s their downfall. I like when I heard that from Drew. He’s going to keep on doing what got him here because that will take you to the next level as well.”

Miller then shifted his focus to his partner-in-crime, Bradley Chubb, once again comparing him to Khalil Mack, “They’re both big. They’re both strong. [Head] Coach [Vic] Fangio, he likes to use Bradley down like a six technique, right in front of the tight end. He’s big enough to play the tight end and go both ways. He’s big enough to get in a four-point stance and battle with those guys inside. I wouldn’t say—that’s not me. It’s Bradley and Khalil. That’s their job.”

The veteran pass rusher also spoke on  Chubb taking the next step towards superstardom and how Miller wants to help him reach his potential.

“I’ve been in the league nine years and I’ve seen a lot of stuff. I’ve seen a lot of moves. I’ve seen a lot of ways to get to the quarterback and whenever I can offer advice to Bradley and offer a way for him to get to the quarterback or whatever it is, I’m there for him and likewise for me. We’re brothers in this,” Miller explained.

Fitting comments on working with his “brother” because Chubb said his strip-sack on Monday night was due to a move Miller taught him recently. For Miller to take the time to do just that is incredibly special, highlighting the kind of team-oriented person he is.

“We come out here and practice every single day and we like to transfer that over into the game. I’m super blessed to have Bradley and I’m sure he feels the same way about me.”

While much is still murky about the upcoming Broncos’ season, one thing we know for sure is that Bradley Chubb and Von Miller will be terrorizing opposing offensive lines, and quarterbacks, all season long.