Von Miller has been a busy man this spring. Along with training for the 2019 season, the Broncos outside linebacker recently hung out with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady at the Kentucky Derby – and now is back in Denver for OTAs.

“It was cool,” Miller said. “It’s extremely hard not to like Tom Brady and all of those guys… Being in that environment where you can just chill and it’s not really about football. You go to events like the Super Bowl and it’s about this and that. You kind of have this competitive vibe about you. But it’s the Kentucky Derby – you can just sit and really enjoy each other.”

While Miller has always had an active social life, his competitiveness has never been in question and it’s no different this May. It’s clear that Miller believes he and Bradley Chubb will benefit immensely from Vic Fangio’s defensive schemes. That process begins in OTAs, though.

Miller explained that having quality outside linebacker play and consistent defensive backs is crucial to successfully running this system. Luckily for the Broncos, they happen to have both.

“It’s a great system,” Miller said. “It passes the burden around. It’s not all on the DBs like it’s been in the past. It’s not all dependent on the ‘No Fly Zone’ or locking guys up one-on-one and play man-coverage all game. We pass the burden all around and I like that.”

Miller’s future in Fangio’s system definitely seems bright. But his longtime teammate, Chris Harris Jr., is still in limbo. Miller responded to the situation, stating that he feels for the veteran cornerback. As Miller explained, the organization tells people that if they play well and make themselves part of the community, they’ll be taken care of by the Broncos.

“Chris has definitely done everything and then some,” Miller said. “Whether it’s in the community with his foundation or on the football field – he’s always on the No. 1 receiver, he’s a top DB in the league. You want to take care of guys like that.”

Miller and Harris have been staples of the Broncos defense for the better portion of the last decade. The duo have combined for 11 Pro Bowls, two Super Bowl appearances and one ring.