The good news for the Denver Broncos defense is Von Miller will be a Bronco for the next six years. The bad news is Wednesday was Miller’s first time at the UCHealth Training Center, the Broncos’ headquarters, this entire offseason.

By not signing Miller until July 15, the deadline for franchised tagged players to sign long-term contracts, the Broncos essentially allowed Miller to miss all of the OTAs and minicamp practices that took place from April through June.

While nearly every player works out in addition to these team events, the offseason program allows the team to make sure the players are at least doing something to stay in shape.

Since Miller wasn’t under contract until after the offseason programs were complete, he was not required to attend, thus putting all of the pressure on Miller himself to stay in football shape. On Wednesday, the day before training camp starts and veteran players report, Miller had no doubt in his mind about the shape he was in entering camp.

When asked if it will take time to get into football shape, Von quickly answered, “I’m there.”

“I never really got too far away from football [during the offseason], I was doing a lot of stuff — I was here, I was there — but I never got too far away,” said Miller.

During the offseason Miller was busy with many non-football related events, from being on “Dancing With The Stars” to being invited to nearly every late-night talk show to attending celebrity parties. However, Miller said that busy schedule didn’t change his workout habits, even if it was at unusual times.

“I worked out the same as I would during the season or the offseason; I just had a lot of stuff in-between to do,” said Miller. “I was able to work out, whether it’s one o’clock in the morning, or whether it’s seven or five, I always found away to do that.”

Even though Miller didn’t workout with the Broncos staff during the offseason, he still gives them credit for the shape he is in.

“I feel like I’m in great shape,” said Miller. “We have a great strength and conditioning staff — [strength and conditioning coach] Luke Richesson — I’ve followed their lead, they’ve got me to the point I am at now so I feel totally confident in my ability to get back on the football field.”

Although, Miller did acknowledge that even though he is in shape, there will still be a transition period, but he’s not worried.

“Now putting on pads and the helmet, pass rushing and going against the guys, you know I haven’t really done that,” said Miller. “But getting back on the field I’m excited about it, I’m fully confident in my ability to get it going.”

Miller not only said he’s stayed in physical football shape, but that he’s kept his mind sharp too. “Still watched film, still stayed in tune,” said Miller.

On the eve of training camp, there is no doubt that Miller will be one of the biggest stories not only at Dove Valley, but also in the nation. And he’s ready for it.

“At the end of the day I feel like I’m ready to go,” said Miller. “I feel like I’m in great shape.”