Everybody loves Von Miller. He’s everywhere, from talk shows to “Dancing with the Stars,” and with the July 15 contract deadline approaching, Miller is cool as a cucumber.

During his annual Von’s Vision event, in which Miller gives eyeglasses to Denver area children, he told the Denver Post that negotiations remain civil despite his absence from voluntary offseason workouts.

“There’s really not anything negative about it,” Miller said. “Of course I want to be there with my guys. Just taking it one day at a time. I’m just working out, dancing, trying to do the best I can with that.”

If a long-term deal isn’t reached in time, then Miller is set to make about $14.1 million under the franchise tag. Latest reports around Miller’s contract negotiations seem to suggest a leisurely process.

Though money can easily and routinely cause rifts within a team, Miller insisted that money won’t get between him and the Broncos organization.

“It’s just the business part of it. There’s really no hard feelings or anything like that. (The Broncos) know what type of guy I am,” Miller said. “I’m expecting a deal any day. That’s just the type of mind-set I have.”

The Broncos and Miller will probably have a better idea of where they stand after the draft, which kicks off tonight.