Peyton Manning has long been considered the standard-bearer of comedy among pro athletes who appeared on NBC’s longtime live sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live. His United Way parody commercial is an all-time classic. Now Manning has some competition in his very own locker room.

Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller was a special guest on “Weekend Update” on Saturday to offer some insight on the latest scientific discovery that is making worldwide news, the existence of gravitational waves, a concept first proposed by physicist Albert Einstein 100 years ago.

In order to help explain the complex scientific concept, Miller used some more familiar language for modern audiences.

“Picture two huge forces slammed together – like me and Cam Newton,” Miller said.

“Now these waves are everywhere in the universe,” he continues, “just like I’m everywhere when Cam Newton closes his eyes.”

The jokes (and jabs at Newton) continue from there, including Miller breaking down Einstein’s most famous equation: “M-E equals M-V-P.”