The Johnny Manziel bus is getting a little empty, but Von Miller is still driving it cross country.

Earlier this offseason, in the midst of Manziel’s troubles, it was Miller who came out in support of Johnny Football most often, and he’s continuing to do so. Just last weekend, the two were spotted at UFC 196.

And in an interview with GQ Magazine, the Super Bowl MVP doubled down, saying that he’d like to see Manziel in blue and orange.

“Not only will he be back in the league—of course I’m biased—I still feel like he has a lot of game left in him,” Miller said. “I feel like the world hasn’t even seen him get down yet. Some of the stuff he was doing in college, he gonna do the exact same thing in the National Football League. I feel like—you know you never want to blame a team—I don’t think he had enough support around him.

“Who knows? You might see Johnny Manziel in Denver.”

Well, Manziel probably has some things he needs to take care of in his personal life before any team should be signing him, but if Brock Osweiler bolts in free agency, the Broncos could be in need of a quarterback.

Would John Elway be interested in a reclamation project? That’s a tough question to answer, but Miller clearly believes Manziel has more left in the tank.

“We’re going to start working out,” Miller said. “I’m not too big to workout with my buddies. He was never too big to workout with me. I love him to death. And he knows the type of support he has. It’s ultimately all up to the individual but it also takes a support system and the type of support Johnny has is second to none. I’m first on that list. Whatever he needs, I’m going to get it done for him. . . .

“He wants to be great. And whenever you got that hunger for success and greatness, you’re going to find a way. Sometimes you get caught in places where you can only see a foot in front of you, let alone looking 30 weeks, 40 weeks, a year down the road. I think he’s just staying on a consistent path now of keeping his head down, working and paying attention to what’s in front of him.”

Broncos Country is likely shaking their head in a collective “NO!,” but there’s no telling what happens in Denver if Osweiler chooses to sign with the Houston Texans or some other team. Somebody needs to start at quarterback.