What if I told you one player single-handedly brought a team to a Super Bowl and then single-handedly won them that Super Bowl? Well, I imagine you’d be fairly impressed, especially when said player wasn’t a quarterback, and it’s the reason why Von Miller deserves to get paid this summer!

And after talking with Miller’s agent, Sean Howard, it’s clear that they still believe a deal will get done.

The conversation was brief, but it did end with an agreement of a radio interview when, not if but when, a deal gets done.

But it’s not just Howard’s optimism that makes me believe a deal will get done. Simply put, John Elway knows how important Von is to this defense, and he knows, at one point or another, he’s going to have to reward him — and no, getting cropped out of an Instagram post isn’t going to change that; John Elway has much more important things to care about.

I continue, though, to wonder why this has taken so long? Why haven’t the Broncos and John Elway placed a mega-contract on the table with a big “Thank You” card on top?

When Denver inked Mark Sanchez and made him the definition of a “Plan B” and then moved up to draft Paxton Lynch with the 26th-overall pick, I thought it was all but a done deal for the Super Bowl MVP! With Sanchez and Lynch only making $7 million a year at the quarterback position, there should be plenty of money to reallocate elsewhere — what a gig when I have to apply the words “only making” $7 million!

But still, no deal. In fact, the Broncos say they have come to their self-imposed deadline and will no longer negotiate with Von and his agent. Believe me, though, that is not the case. As soon as both parties have some time to calm down, there will be more discussions. For now the Broncos say they have turned their attention to signing linebacker Brandon Marshall and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

With all due respect to Marshall and Sanders, those guys are replaceable. It would not be an easy replacement to make, but the harsh reality is that they are. Von Miller, on the other hand, is not replaceable and that gives him the upper hand. There are only a select group of athletes that do, or ever will, have leverage in contract negotiations, but Von is one of those athletes.

Professional sports isn’t easily comparable to the real world — it’s monopoly money — but at the end of the day, it is a business, where you get paid for your accomplishments on the field. And all Von accomplished was a Lombardi Trophy and Super Bowl MVP. I say it’s time he is rewarded for it!