While Von Miller has been off enjoying his offseason with every celebrity imaginable, Wade Phillips has been happily sitting at home watching his star pass rusher go to work, on the dance floor.

When visiting with Mile High Sports Radio’s Gil Whiteley, the Broncos defensive coordinator said he was really impressed with Von’s performance on Dancing with the Stars on Monday night.

“I tell you what, she’s (Witney Carson, Miller’s partner) so small, but he did a great job,” Phillips said. “I think he’s going to get better and better, like he always does.”

And if there’s anybody who’d know, it’s Phillips, who’s wife and daughter are long-time dancers.

“Laurie, my wife, is big into ballroom dancing,” Phillips said. “She actually had a contest in Dallas — it was kind of a celebrity deal — and she won the Dancing with the Stars deal there. We went one year when Hines Ward won it, and we got to go back and see the show. We’re big fans.”

Whiteley threw out the idea of Wade going on the show himself, given, of course, that he was able to partner with his daughter Tracy, who has been dancing in Hollywood for years.

“That’s about the only way I would go,” Phillips said. “Yeah, I think I’m better than Geraldo (Rivera). I think I’m better than him. That’s about it.”

To be fair, though, that’s not a high bar to top.


Von’s performance went quite a bit better, and Phillips is glad that Miller has taken time out of his offseason to get down on the dance floor.

“He’s been on a whirlwind tour. He’s been on almost every show, and now on Dancing with the Stars,” Phillips said. “You know, the good thing with Dancing with the Stars is they work pretty hard to keep people in shape. It’s a nice offseason program for him.”

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