The hype train for the Denver Broncos’ 2022 running back unit continues to grow this offseason.

Last week, ESPN analyst Mike Clay ranked them as the sixth-best unit in the league. On Wednesday, Warren Sharp of Sharp Football Analysis placed them at number five in his 2022 Sharp Football Preview Book piece. 

Sharp gave the Broncos running back squad a total score of 79. Teams’ scores factored in the entire positional unit, not just the starters. They also only focused on the upcoming season and not the future outlook.

With a 79, Denver fell behind only the Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers, and Tennessee Titans.

In his piece, Sharp said about Denver, “It’s time for Javonte Williams to take over the Denver backfield, but Melvin Gordon’s presence is still a key factor in this being a top-tier unit. Williams averaged 2.2 yards per carry when contacted in the backfield, the league’s sixth-highest mark. His ability to create something out of nothing sets a high ceiling for his production in a larger role.”

The Broncos’ AFC West competitors staggered down the rankings. The Los Angeles Chargers found themselves also in the top 10, ranking in at No. 9. Next was the Las Vegas Raiders, who came in at No. 17. Finally, almost near the very bottom was the Kansas City Chiefs falling to No. 27.

Last season, Williams and Gordon each had exactly 203 carries, with Gordon slightly edging out a statistical victory, with 918 yards and 8 TDs compared to Williams’ 903 yards and 4 scores. Williams has high expectations, and he is considered the team’s starter going into the 2022 season. However, there’s been heavy debate about what the split will look like between the two this year. 

At 29 years old, Gordon knows how much excitement surrounds the 22-year-old Williams, but he has no plans to take a step back. “I know a lot of people are wanting me to take a backseat,” Gordon said in a press conference last month. “I get it…Thanks for the motivation, everybody. I appreciate y’all for the extra motivation.”

As our Cody Roark wrote a few days ago, Gordon is ready to rock in the reserve role.

Regardless of how it plays out, Broncos Country can be excited about the prospect of being led by such a dynamic duo in what’s sure to be a highly revamped offense.

Denver’s training camp begins in less than one week from today, on July 27 in Dove Valley and is free and open to the public.