Last week former Nuggets head coach George Karl rattled a few cages when excerpts from his new book revealed some not-so-friendly feelings about former Nuggets stars Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin, among others. Karl chastised both players, calling Anthony a “true conundrum” and blaming Martin’s misbehavior on his lack of a father figure.

Martin fired back on Twitter, describing Karl as a “unhappy,” “awful,” “selfish,” and “by far the worst coach” he ever played for. He followed that up with a more reflective piece on The Players’ Tribune the following day.

Anthony, who is still in the league (Martin is not), was a bit more muted in his reply. He actually suggested that the team’s being at odds with Karl might have brought them closer as a team. Still, the guys at 120 Sports say the Nuggets were a better team with Karl than they would have been without him.