There are a lot of things in this world that cause deep, long-lasting misery, and while football may just be a game, losing the Super Bowl is undoubtedly near the top of that list. Sure, you can point to wars and hunger and strife, but for a diehard fan, none of that matters in the moment.

In the moment, the only thing you can feel is pain.

Luckily, Broncos Country doesn’t have to endure those emotions this time around, but Panthers fans aren’t so fortunate. And while much of Carolina took their loss with class, this fan, like Cam Newton, did not.

I’d like to believe that this is somehow staged, but that’s an expensive TV; I don’t care how many YouTube views you’re hoping for, nobody in their right mind is going to destroy their 50-plus inch HDTV for the sake of internet fame, at least I’d hope.

But this old man held nothing back. Chucking the TV into several pieces of furniture, before taking a baseball bat to the screen repeatedly.

All while yelling, “Damn you, Cam Newton!”

I also love how whoever was recording the video desperately reasoned, “They could still come back!”

Sorry, bud, but you didn’t miss much.

It’s clear, though, that this man has clearly lost his sanity. I just wish I could see his face when he comes back to reality and sees what he has done.