WATCH: Danilo Gallinari curses in Italian at one ref who “knows a little Italian”

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One of my favorite parts about watching basketball is when the backboard mic picks up some of the league’s more colorful language. Whether it’s Carlos Boozer’s “AND ONE!!” or the generic “AHHHH!!,” it never gets old.

And when you’re a Nuggets fan, you get the additional bonus of learning some words not every American knows. Thanks to Denver’s apparent attempt to create the first all-foreign team in NBA history, there are a lot of unique words getting tossed around, and most of them don’t mean something nice.

We all know Jusuf Nurkic loves to trash talk any player within a 10-foot radius, but it’s even more entertaining when his teammates are using some of Nurkic’s favorite Bosnian curses.

The best part, though, is that the refs have no idea what they’re saying. And if the ref doesn’t know what you’re saying, then no matter how mean or inappropriate is, there’s nothing they can do about it.

Well … for the most part.

Last weekend against the Suns, Danilo Gallinari got a bit frustrated in the midst of a blowout loss, letting his frustrations out on one of the game’s refs. Unfortunately, it looks like Gallo chose the wrong ref to curse at in Italian.

Apparently, thanks to a quick google search, Gallinari’s words roughly translated to “Go (you know what) yourself,” which is the type of thing that normally gets a player an automatic technical.

I have to assume that either (a) the ref only knows enough Italian to recognize that Gallo said something inappropriate, but not how inappropriate, or (b) he gave Gallo a break since there’s no way he would have said that if he knew the ref spoke “a little bit of Italian.”

Either way, it was hilarious, and I hope that the Nuggets can start trash talking all players, coaches and teams in at least six different languages by the All-Star break.