The Broncos watched the best receiver in the 2020 NFL Draft fall right into their hands.

And now, Broncos fans will watch ball after ball float in the air from Drew Lock and fall gracefully into the hands of Jerry Jeudy when this 2020 season kicks off (if/when it does).

Jeudy basically has it all. He’s got enough speed, he possesses the quicks to separate at the line of scrimmage and with the ball in his hands, plus he knows how to go up and get it at the high point when he needs to.

But what makes him NFL-ready right out of college is his superb route-running abilities.

Jeudy has been grinding this summer, working on his game while displaying how he looks to consistently get open off the line of scrimmage in the NFL. He put it on display with a new YouTube video posted to his page last night:

Jeudy’s body control is astounding. He effortlessly fakes one way with his upper body while his lower half stays in control and keeps him going the direction he intends. From this video it’s evident he’s had a lot of top-notch coaching when it comes to separating from his opponent at the LOS, and that comes as no surprise given he came from Alabama.

He really knows how to keep defenders off-balance while also understanding how to get to his point on the field. And, although many of these are shorter routes, Jeudy also puts on display his deep-ball double-moves as well for long receptions and would-be touchdowns.

Sure, this is just practice and we’re not sure who these opponents are. The players aren’t in pads, either, which changes things.

But, what the young man can do with his body should elicit incredible excitement from Broncos Country, especially when thinking about pairing him with Courtland Sutton, Noah Fant, Phillip Lindsay, Melvin Gordon and KJ Hamler.

There are still likely to be some rocks in the road of his rookie campaign; hey, Sutton put up a “mere” 704 yards and 4 TDs in his first year. But, Jeudy is more polished coming out of college than the current, blossoming star wideout he’ll line up opposite of.

The Broncos are expected to get going in training camp much later this month, and the NFL has decided to cut the preseason from four games to two. We should hopefully be able to see what Jeudy can do against NFL players in August, and then in earnest, in September and beyond.