Admittedly, Mile High Sports has been hard on the Rockies over the years.

Well, mostly we’ve been hard on Dinger over the years. (Sorry, SI, a venerable publication you may be, but there’s no way “Dingbat” is the No. 3 mascot in baseball).

We’ve agreed to disagree about the purple dinosaur, but we’re very much in agreement that the Rox are currently headed in the right direction. They’re stacked with talent – and we don’t just mean on the field.

Dick Monfort has mined what looks to be a diamond in general manager Jeff Bridich and the team he picked to lead the Rockies’ PR and social media has been nothing short of outstanding over the past several years. And early in 2017 they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

Pitchers and catchers don’t report for another month (Feb. 13, to be exact), so the social media team took advantage of the downtime and has updated the team’s YouTube channel to include some of the best commercials from the team’s history. Even when the team wasn’t winning games on the field, their A/V department was winning fans over with some of the most memorable marketing campaigns in Denver sports history.

Here’s a quick look at a few of their recent uploads that had us laughing, then and now.

2008 – Holliday Touched It

Arguably, the greatest moment in franchise history is recreated with a brilliantly ironic twist.

2010 – Twitter

A baby-faced Dexter Fowler teaches veteran Todd Helton about this new thing called Twitter. The funny part now? There’s a 50/50 chance you found this story through a Twitter link.

2009 – Player Endorsements

We’re in the ad business, too, and there’s nothing quite like a player endorsement to get a product flying off the shelves. Ubaldo Jimenez’s “Hair-Be-There” is a classic.

2007 – Dinger Tipping

No comment as to why this one is among our favorite. ?

Be sure to check out their full channel for all the great commercials from years past.