WATCH: Sanders, Talib respond to mean tweets — plus some bonus PFM

Super Bowl week brings gobs of extra media attention to the NFL, and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was no exception. Two Denver Broncos (and one former Bronco) appeared in a “Mean Tweets” segment on the late-night talk show Thursday.

Emmanuel Sanders and Aqib Talib — who have a combined seven Pro Bowl nominations to their credit — were among a group of nearly a dozen current and former NFL players who took one for the team and read nasty social media messages about themselves for all the world to see.

About Sanders, Twitter user @awarerupert wrote, “Dear Emmanuel Sanders, F**k you. Catch the ball when its in you damn hands.”

Sanders had a great retort, however.

“First of all,” Sanders says with a raised eyebrow. “That doesn’t make any sense, because if it’s in my hands that means I caught it.”

Touché, Mr. Sanders.

About Talib, @BradyToCooks wrote, “I find it hilarious that Aqib talib tries to act all hard and s**t when the hardest thing he’s ever done is shoot himself in the leg.”

The tweeter is of course referring to Talib’s 2016 offseason in which the All-Pro cornerback accidentally shot himself in the leg in an incident that remains somewhat shrouded in mystery.

Talib takes the fifth-amendment approach to responding to that mean tweet, waving his hand and walking off the set with a smile.

The most famous Bronco of all even made an appearance for Kimmel. Future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning is retired, but he still was willing to poke a little fun at himself.

Manning is deadpan, per usual, when he reads @boobieboyd‘s tweet: “Peyton Manning is the only player in the NFL that looks like the mascot of the team for which he plays #horseface ?”

We’ll leave you to check out @boobieboyd’s profile yourself, decide what he looks like and tweet accordingly.