Von Miller is the life of the party. Put him anywhere and within 10 minutes he’ll have the attention of everyone in the room, arena or city. And that’s why the Denver Broncos love him — well, those sacks are pretty cool, too.

Oftentimes we don’t get to see the inner workings of a team’s preparation for an upcoming game, but thanks to DeMarcus Ware, we have a bit of a sneak peak into how Von gets his teammates ready to compete.


Of course, Miller’s the dance expert now. Not only has he mastered the sack dance, but he received a high-level education on Dancing with the Stars. Now, he’s taking that education and imparting it back upon his teammates with choreographed routines.

If only the NFL hadn’t banned team celebrations … the Broncos might have had the best sack dance of all time.

It might actually be worth the 15-yard penalty …