If the Denver Broncos ever felt like holding a dance competition, Von Miller would win in a runaway. Everyone knows that. In fact, if they decided to add a dance-off to the Pro Bowl festivities — not a bad idea, actually — Von would embarrass every other supposed dancer in the NFL.

Salsa? Sorry Victor Cruz.

Whip? Von’s got you beat, Odell Beckham.

Discount Double Check? That hip thrust doesn’t even compare, Aaron Rodgers.

Von Miller is, far and away, the best dancer in the NFL. And he’s using that talent for good, teaching his moves to the willing, creating what will soon be the best dance crew in sports.

Only … his proteges happen to be 60-year-old men.

First, there was Fred Pagac, the Denver Broncos’ outside linebackers coach.

And now there’s Wade Phillips, who got down during the Broncos’ Super Bowl promo shoot.

Please, football gods … If the Broncos win the Super Bowl on Sunday, can we get Miller, Phillips and Pagac to hit us with a choreographed trio?

That would be the best thing ever — well, next to a Lombardi Trophy, of course.