The Denver Broncos are the home team in this years Super Bowl, so they’re going to wear their orange jerseys, right? Wrong. The team announced Monday that they will wear their white uniforms – the same combination they wore in Super Bowl XXXIII, where they were victorious over the Atlanta Falcons. That bodes well for the team, says Danny Williams and Marcello Romano of Morning Mayhem on Mile High Sports AM 1340.

On Tuesday, Williams reminded listeners that the Broncos are “0-4 in orange jerseys. That was not an option for them.” Not only are they 0-4 with their orange jerseys, but 3 of those losses are some of the biggest Super Bowl losses ever. 55-10 against the 49ers, 42-10 verses the Redskins, and more recently, 43-8 in the Super Bowl XLVIII loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Their fourth loss in orange jerseys was to Dallas, with a score of 27-10 in Super Bowl XII. Cello did the math and in those four losses the Broncos were “outscored 167-38.”


What about their blue jerseys? They have won a Super Bowl (XXXII) in those after all. But those are not an option as teams are not allowed to wear their alternate jerseys in the Super Bowl, as Cello noted. Therefore, it seems to have been an easy decision for the Broncos staff to elect to go with the white uniforms.

There are two other things that could be more interesting however. First, wearing the white uniforms keeps QB Cam Newton and the Panthers from wearing white. This is a team who wore their white uniforms at home twice during the regular season as well as in both home playoff games. The Panthers will now have to wear their black home jerseys, attracting the hot Santa Clara sun. The second thing is, “10 out of the last 11 Super Bowl winners wore white,” The only team to win wearing home jerseys were the 2011 Green Bay Packers.

A lot is going in to the Broncos wearing their white uniforms in Super Bowl 50 and hopefully they’ll bring good luck. But in the end, it all comes down to who is lifting the Lombardi trophy over their heads at the end of the game.

Listen to the full discussion on uniforms and how they could factor into the Broncos mentality in Super Bowl 50 in the podcast below..

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