Your horoscope, 2017 Denver Broncos: As a team you feel torn about recent transactions and management’s time to prove themselves will arrive sooner rather than later. Don’t let outside voices and doubters change your outlook on the path you have taken by releasing old coaches and Pro-Bowl players. Results will show themselves soon enough.

In business: Get ready for a new beginning, as someone will soon come forward with naming rights and many employee contracts will be restructured to fulfill future roster spots. A former employee has returned and may change your path, but at a very low risk and cost.

In relationships: Do not fall in love with the so-called future of the franchise, as the current suitors are either lacking in arm strength or are not prepared to lead. The ability to convert on third down is in question. Let this play out and possibly keep looking for young leadership in the future.

Forecast: Second place in the AFC West if the run game holds up?

Nobody, not even Nostradamus nor Carnac the Magnificent can predict the 2017 season for the Denver Broncos. National football shows have been negative, predicting calamity and catastrophe. Local media is on the fence, with some hope, but more questions.

Like a customer entering the faded and musty circus tent to get their sweaty palm read, Broncos fans are willing to look and listen to literally anyone who might have the answer or give any sort of positive prognostication.

So who can Broncos Country really trust when preparing themselves for this storm of uncertainty?

Radio talk show hosts who have been to camp, but never inside a team meeting? Do these spirited know-it-alls, know at all?

Broncos columnists and insiders who get their information fed to them like a horse led to water? Do these “truthers” know the truth that lies behind the orange and blue curtain?

Maybe we look to Las Vegas line-makers, who’s business and livelihood depend on predicting the outcome of each team in order to find that perfect 50/50 split? Do these desert dwellers know something we all don’t?

In looking for a real prediction to this season for the Denver Broncos, maybe fans should look to the stars. No, not Taylor Swift. Not Justin Bieber. Not even star linebacker Von Miller, but the actual stars. As in the sun, moon and stars. The stars that are in the sky, not on the field.

The Stars Say: 10-6

Trevor Siemian, the Broncos’ starting quarterback was born one day after Christmas, Dec. 26, 1991.

The steady and ready Trevor Siemian is a Capricorn and his element is earth. There was plenty of earth found on his jersey last season.

According to individuals born under Capricorn with the element of earth tend to “ponder the pros with the cons before making a decision; they have a strong commitment and are constantly working at educating themselves.”

That sure sounds like Trevor Siemian, who has gone from seventh-round draft pick out of Northwestern to Broncos team captain. Siemian continues to impress both teammates and coaches, despite the downers and doubters on the outside.

The previous coaching staff of Gary Kubiak and Rick Dennison held nothing back in backing Siemian. He was said to have the ability to retain information, while others struggled at the pro level to understand game plan and concepts. Even after winning the job in 2016, he had to do it again. Trevor, thanks to a “Capricorn-ian commitment to excellence,” has won the job again. Siemian could be a star in the making.

Siemian has won the job now, but might have to continue to prove himself and fight off another son of Elway in Brock Osweiler. Even Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, couldn’t have predicted Brock would return to the Denver Broncos. Like the prodigal son returning to the family farm, Brock is now again the backup QB in Denver.

Brock who was born Nov. 22, 1990 is a Sagittarius. According to “Sagittarius men love to see the world – Does Cleveland count as seeing the world? – and if something doesn’t go his way, he knows that he’ll still be able to survive without more than a scrape or a bruise.”

It also said: “Sagittarius men are generally regarded as one of the luckier sun signs as well.” I think Brock with his recent earnings of roughly $37 million in just over one year, has certainly been “luckier” than most.

The Air Waves Predict: 6-10 (or was that 10-6)?

The Broncos defense is stout. Even with the departure of T.J. Ward to Tampa, the No Fly Zone and the front seven are without a doubt talented. But how many wins is a defense worth?

Mile High Sports’ very own star Ryan Edwards (Host of the Danny and Ryan Show 9-11 a.m. weekdays) believes “the Broncos defense can get you three or four wins, but the offense has to get on track early if they want a shot at a nine or ten win season.”

Much like Broncos Country, Danny and Ryan are split. Danny Williams (who truly gets the NFL) firmly believes in this team and the changes management has made. “Trevor and the offense will surprise people. Mike McCoy will have an offense that is complementary to the defense, and together this team can get to 11 wins no problem. This isn’t a guess, this is a guarantee! There are a lot of doubters out there, but they are not watching what is truly happening out on the field.”

The Insiders Prophecy: Split

TJ Carpenter of Mile High Sports and an NFL Insider, eloquently predicted, “I think the Broncos will not be very good at football.”

NFL Insider Benjamin Allbright added to TJ’s in-depth analysis: “Maybe seven?”

Thanks fellas, good stuff. Moving on.

Vegas Says Less

The Broncos have been getting beat up nationally and their odds in Las Vegas are no different.

Vegas has the Broncos at 25-to-1 for odds of winning the Super Bowl. The Broncos’ win total over/under is 8.5 games. For those of you who don’t wager, that means Las Vegas sees the Broncos winning 8 games, 9 at most.

Las Vegas, future home the wayward Raiders, is no longer a welcome member of Broncos Country.

What is Certain:

What makes the NFL such a powerhouse is the unpredictability of its teams and its perceived parity. Free agency, schedule rotation and the structure of the NFL draft give teams new hope and a renewed faith every year.

The Broncos this year are no different. A first-year head coach, unproven players in key positions and even a stadium that has an identity crisis. They will be favored in many and the underdog in some. They are a team with variables and we will have to watch to find out the result.

One thing that is always predictable and never any doubt: The Denver Broncos have the best damn fans in football, and win or lose, we are not going anywhere.

Enjoy 2017, Broncos Country!