Stan Kroenke — the owner of the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids and Colorado Mammoth — might have a tough decision in front of him.

Zach Mikash of the Denver Stiffs joined Gil Whiteley yesterday on Mile High Sports Radio to discuss Stan Kroenke and the potential “red flag” that is the Denver Nuggets’ value.

“The most alarming thing is the value of the franchises,” Mikash said. “The Denver Nugget franchise was only one of four (NBA teams) to not appreciate at all. It’s still just as valuable as last year. It’s not worth anymore; it’s not worth any less.”

And while fans ride and die with their franchise, through the good and the bad, at the end of the day sports is a business, and when business isn’t booming, neither are the businessmen running the business.

GIL WHITELEY LIVE STREAM“If I look at Kroenke and the way he does business,” Mikash said. “I gotta think, if he continues to see the value of his franchise not increasing, and maybe even depreciating, then maybe he’s gonna start being more motivated to sell.”

In the last 15 years since Kroenke originally bought the team, the Nuggets’ value has increased by over $650 million. And at a value of $855 million (21st in the NBA), they’re not exactly unsuccessful.

The key, forever and always, is winning. When you win games, you put butts in the seat and money in the bank. The Nuggets are on the right track, but they have to get it right. Otherwise, they could fall farther and farther down this list.

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