After the loss to Kansas City on Monday night, Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph addressed the media and generally answered most questions with generally acceptable answers.

And then he surprised many with a quote about his running backs and offense in general. When questioned about the success of the run game and if he wishes the offense ran the ball more, Joseph explained that you don’t score points running the football. You control the game.

“Our offensive line has been really good all year. Both young backs (RBs Royce Freman and Phillip Lindsay), they ran downhill. They had 70+yards apiece. They ran downhill, but you score points by throwing the football. We ran the ball to control the game. You throw the ball to score. That’s never going to stop.”

This is fairly eye opening considering Denver has six rushing touchdowns in 2018 to only three passing touchdowns. And if running the ball is controlling the game, why wouldn’t Denver control the 10-point lead late against Kansas City by doing exactly so in the fourth quarter?

Broncos Blitz podcast host Ronnie Kohrt and special guest Les Shapiro of Mile High Sports joins the podcast to discuss Joseph’s situation.

Does the Kansas City loss heat Joseph’s seat up? And what could Vance Joseph do to quiet the doubters? With 25% of the season completed, where does Joseph stand with his players and front-office? All discussed in the latest edition of the Broncos Blitz podcast.

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