What would the Denver Broncos record be with Aaron Rodgers at QB?

The Denver Broncos head into the 2021 NFL season with a schedule that’s projected to be the fifth easiest in the league. But, before Broncos Country can get too excited, they have to remember that so much of how this season plays out will be dependent on who the starting quarterback is.

Closing in on being 50 days from the start of the season, there are still three quarterbacks with a chance at winning the starting job: Aaron Rodgers, Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock.

In this series, we’ll look at what Broncos Country should expect their record to be with each of these quarterbacks, starting off with Rodgers.

Division Rivals

With Rodgers leading the way, the Broncos’ chances of winning the AFC West sky-rocket. 

Unfortunately, the closer the start of the season gets without the trade happening, the less time Rodgers has to work with his new teammates. However, the Broncos only face a division rival one time ahead of their Week 11 bye, giving him plenty of time to build rapport with them before the games really start to count. 

Rodgers shouldn’t have any problem sweeping both the Chargers and the Raiders to go 4-0. Beating the Chiefs at their home stadium is borderline impossible, but in a Week 18 matchup at home, in a game that could decide the outcome of the AFC West, the odds favor Rodgers ending the Broncos’ 11-game losing streak to the Chiefs.

Record Prediction: 5-1

Home Games

Looking at the Broncos’ 2021 home opponents should have Rodgers licking his lips.

Against the pitiful Lions’ and Bengals’ defenses, Rodgers will show why he is a future Hall-of-Fame quarterback in dominant victories. With a rookie, Zach Wilson, leading the Jets, and a struggling Jalen Hurts leading the Eagles, neither team will pose a threat to Rodgers and the Broncos. 

With the absurd amount of young talent they have, many are projecting the Washington Football Team to have the best defense in the NFL this season.  Thankfully the game is mid-season, so Rodgers will have had plenty of time to find his rhythm with his new team, which he’ll need for this one. With that defense and an upgrade at the quarterback position in Ryan Fitzpatrick, the game will not be easy, but it will ultimately result in a Broncos win.

On the flip side, Rodgers’ limited pre-season practice with his new teammates will be the unfortunate catalyst in an early-season loss to the Ravens.  

Record Prediction: 5-1

Away Games

After Rodgers defeats the Giants and Jaguars to start the season 2-0, Broncos Country will immediately forget the fact that the Broncos haven’t made the playoffs in over 5 years. 

Unfortunately, Rodgers will go up against the Steelers’ defensive line featuring TJ Watt, Cam Heyward and Stephon Tuitt early on in the season. Facing that defense so early on, he falls short in what will definitely be an exciting game. 

The Browns have arguably the best offensive line going into the 2021 season, but with the combination of Rodgers at quarterback and the Broncos defense behind him, Denver will come out on top with a Thursday night win.

Although this Cowboys team will be much-improved overall, it won’t be enough to stop a dominant Rodgers and devastating Orange Crush defense.

Record Prediction: 4-1


Nobody will argue with the fact that if Rodgers becomes a Denver Bronco, they will automatically become Super Bowl favorites. He’s not even on the team yet but the mere threat of him being traded to Denver has the Broncos with the sixth-best odds of winning it all.

The debate would no longer be, can the Broncos squeak out a wild card spot, but instead, can they win the AFC West?  

While he won’t win every single game, with Rodgers at quarterback, every single game will be winnable for the Broncos. With such a strong defense behind him, fans can expect to witness an era similar to what Peyton Manning gave them.

2021 Season Record Prediction: 14-3