As the 2019 season approaches, the Colorado Rockies have many questions surrounding the future of the roster. The one that most Rockies fans are focused on is whether or not Nolan Arenado and the club can come to an agreement on a long-term contract extension.

With his impending free agency approaching, the feeling that Arenado will leave the purple pinstripes hangs around LoDo like a fog on a cloudy day.

The 27-year old third baseman turned down a $24 million offer and is reportedly looking to receive a $30 million deal for 2019. The $24 million offer would be the highest ever for an arbitration contract, but whatever Arenado is looking to receive, Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich needs to make it work.

Bridich already got Trevor Story to settle on a $5 million agreement for 2019, when it looked like the Rockies shortstop was headed to arbitration as well. So, with the money Colorado is saving on Story, Colorado can afford to spend a little more on one of the best third basemen of all-time.

Obviously $6 million is a lot of dough, but Colorado can solidify the foundation of the lineup for years if the Rockies are able to lock down Arenado to a multi-year deal; and even if the Rockies are not able to ink Arenado to a long-term deal this offseason, showing they’re committed to him seems like the smart way to go.

After watching him blossom into one of the league’s most complete players, losing Arenado would be a nightmare for Rockies fans on multiple levels. It would bring out the anti-Rockies crowd, who wear orange jerseys year round and hang onto the narrative that Colorado isn’t committed to winning. It would also be a massive blow to the die-hards that have supported the Rockies since Day 1 and stuck with the team through the ups and downs of the last 25 years.

The Rockies have an opportunity to build off the success of the last two seasons and really solidify itself as a National League contender for years to come. Quality pitching will play a big role in Colorado’s future potential. The core of that success begins and ends with Arenado though. It is time for Bridich to show Arenado the money.