The Denver Broncos are coming off what was arguably their best team performance of the season against the Miami Dolphins, but they’ll be tested again this week, with the New Orleans Saints coming to town.

In this article, our Broncos staff previews the upcoming game and answers pressing questions about the Denver franchise.

With so many players having standout seasons so far, who would you say the Broncos’ best defensive player has been through 10 games?

Rich Kurtzman (@RichKurtzman): This is a tough question. But, Bryce Callahan is my guy. It’s not just that he’s clearly the best cover man the Broncos have, but he bounced back from that injury last year too.

Zach Segars(@Zach_Segars): I’ll go with Justin Simmons personally. He had a somewhat slow start, but since the first two games of the season, he’s easily been the NFL’s best safety and there isn’t a clear choice for second-place behind him. Also, if not for his interceptions in three of the last four games, the Broncos probably don’t be the Chargers or Dolphins.

Doug Ottewill(@Dottewill): I’m not sure if he’s the “best” although he might be, but he’s the “best surprise” – and that’s Shelby Harris. It just seems like he’s got a handful of signature plays that tend to make the difference in games.

Given the up and down nature of this season, what do you currently think are the realistic best and worst-case scenarios for the final six games?

Rich Kurtzman: The best the Broncos could go is 3-3 and that’s optimistic. Realistically, 2-4 may be more like it, meaning they’d be 6-10 again. Unfortunately, they’ll miss the playoffs for the fifth straight year, only the second time that’s happened since Pat Bowlen bought the team in 1984.

Zach Segars: I don’t think the Broncos can beat the Chiefs at Arrowhead and the other five games are pretty tough in their own right. I think 2-4 or 3-3 are the realistic best-case scenarios, and I don’t think 0-6 is that far-fetched for a worst-case scenario.

Doug Ottewill: Miami was a legitimately good team, so last week was an indicator that anything is possible. Best case is 3-3, realistic is 2-4.

What is the biggest key to a Broncos victory this week?

Rich Kurtzman: Denver’s offense needs to be orange-hot this week. They’ll find it tough to match the Saints output even without Drew Brees. Drew Lock needs to be near-perfect (NO turnovers) if the Broncos are going to win.

Zach Segars: Drew Lock and this young Denver receiving core will have to attack a subpar Saints cornerback group. New Orleans has one of the best run defenses in the league (ranked 3rd in DVOA), so while the Broncos should stay committed to running the football, it may be tough sledding. That means Drew Lock will have to carry the offense himself, something he hasn’t done since his second start.

Doug Ottewill: If the Broncos learned anything from the Dolphins game, it’s that Pat Shurmur’s game plan has to avoid asking too much of Drew Lock, and it’s got to begin and end with the run. If the Broncos are disciplined in their run-first mentality, they have a shot to beat nearly anyone.

Who will be Denver’s player of the game?

Rich Kurtzman: Phillip Lindsay will run for 100 yards and a score. He’ll balance Lock’s great passing.

Zach Segars: Justin Simmons. He is playing red-hot right now, intercepting three passes over the past four games, and Taysom Hill threw some passes that hung in the air a little too long. Unlike Atlanta’s secondary, Denver will be able to take advantage of those lobs and turn them into takeaways. He gets one interception and least, and two wouldn’t surprise me.

Doug Ottewill: Let’s go with Phillip Lindsay. Last week, I said it would be Melvin Gordon because the Broncos had all but officially broken up with Lindsay. But, I’m happy to say I was wrong – Lindsay was, and should continue to be, a big part of this game plan.

What’s your score prediction?

Rich Kurtzman: Saints win 31-30

Zach Segars: Saints win 16-13. Fangio’s defense stuffs Taysom Hill and Co., but the Saints’ top-five defense is too much for Drew Lock and the Denver O.

Doug Ottewill: Broncos win 27-26. I think Vic Fangio gives Tayson Hill a look or two that will bring out the worst version of Tim Tebow.