Through nine weeks, the Kansas City Chiefs have solidified themselves as the clear class of the division. The rest of the AFC West, on the other hand, has been a deeply disappointing most pit that is hard to make out.

Who’s the runner-up of the division and who’s the bottom-feeder? Let’s take a look in this edition of the AFC West Power Rankings.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (-)

In a move that should surprise absolutely no one, the Kansas City Chiefs continue to lord over the rest of the division in these AFC West power rankings.

Not only do they have the division’s best record, best divisional record, the division’s best offense and second-best defense, but they also appear to be one of the NFL’s few true superpowers.

The 2022 NFL season has been characterized by offenses shriveling up, and the large majority of the league falling into an indiscernible blob of mush. Much of this division currently resides in that tumourous mound, but the Chiefs do not.

Despite Tyreek Hill re-affirming his place as maybe the most valuable non-quarterback in football this season, after leaving the Chiefs, Kansas City’s offense remains dominant.

At this rate, the other members of the AFC West might never unseat the Tsars of the Red Kingdom.

2. Los Angeles Chargers (+1)

The Chargers find themselves ranked second here, but they would be foolish to puff their chest out and act proud.

This is a bad and disappointing Chargers squad that somehow limps into this position by way of the Broncos’ and Raiders’ misery, as well as a cushy schedule that has refused to punish the Chargers’ ineptitude.

Yet still, they needed Russell Wilson to have one of his worst performances of the season in order to sneak by the Broncos; the Cleveland Browns to fail to capitalize on a late drive that started them at L.A.’s 45-yard line down just two points; and the Atlanta Falcons to fumble a fumble recovery right back to the Chargers, setting up the game-winning field goal.

They’re three minor miracles against bad opponents away from being 0-4 in the last five weeks.

This is also a severely injured squad, that is down to Josh Palmer and a whole lot of nothing at wide receiver. That said, even when Keenan Allen and Mike Williams return, this is likely to remain ‘the slowest offense in football’, as Robert Mays of The Athletic Football Show dubbed it.

If it wasn’t for them holding a 2-1 AFC West record, with wins over the next two teams on this list, they likely wouldn’t hold this position. Even with those wins, they look the part of an especially fugazzi wild-card contender.

3. Denver Broncos (+1)

The Denver Broncos are coming off their best performance of the season, and they didn’t play in a week where every AFC West team handed in a relatively disappointing performance.

As a result, they deserve to climb a spot here.

If it wasn’t for the Broncos’ miserable 0-2 division record, and the fact they’re presently two games back of the Chargers, they would be ranked No. 2 in this exercise. As ugly as things have been for the Broncos, it’s arguably been uglier for the Bolts, who don’t have anything to hang their hat on.

Neither Los Angeles or Las Vegas have a unit as elite as Denver’s defense, and Evero’s squad can at least make a case that they’re even more special than Kansas City’s offense.

In a season with so few difference-making defenses, and even fewer difference-making offenses, the Broncos have a defensive crew that truly matters week in and week out.

Offensive competency would propel the Broncos to a cozy No. 2 spot in these power rankings.

4. Las Vegas Raiders (-2)

The Raiders long held the No. 2 spot in these AFC West power rankings, because despite their record, they appeared to be the best of the division’s bottom feeders.

However, you’ve gotta win at some point, and the Raiders can’t figure out how to do that to save their life.

Although they’re one of the NFL’s more historic franchises, the Raiders have had plenty of stretches of ugly football. Yet still, they blew a 17-point lead just five times in that 62-year franchise history, prior to this season. In year 63, the only year guided by Josh McDaniels, they’ve already blown three 17-point leads.

It should also be noted that the offense has inexplicably regressed this season, despite adding Davante Adams and McDaniels and improving play along the offensive line.

It’s hard to imagine the Raiders climbing out of this cellar position, unless they manage to complete the sweep of the Broncos in Week 11.