The Denver Broncos are hoping that the offense and Russell Wilson will bounce back this season. In order for him to do just that, Denver should proceed forward with the wide receivers they have.

Denver Broncos wide receiver room should remain the same in 2023

Looking back on last season, the Denver Broncos hoped to get more from the offense and newly acquired quarterback Russell Wilson. As the Broncos QB struggled, so did the rest of the offensive unit.

Perhaps one of the most significant blows to the offense came during training camp when wide receiver Tim Patrick went down with a non-contact ACL injury. His injury that day sucked the air and excitement out of the facility.

Patrick was coming off of a productive season the year prior, hauling in 53 receptions for 734 yards and five touchdown catches. What’s even more impressive is that 39 of his 53 receptions moved the chains for a first down.

Nobody knows what a healthy Patrick could have brought to the table last season considering how poor the offense struggled in general, but his size and presence were easily missed.

Sean Payton’s arrival as the team’s next head coach presents an interesting dilemma from a personnel standpoint. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

It’s anticipated that Patrick will be ready for this upcoming season.

Courtland Sutton trade rumors
Rumors have recently circulated following the NFL Scouting Combine regarding Courtland Sutton potentially being shopped by the team. The only reason something like this would have substance is relative to the Broncos lack of draft capital in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Despite having a bit of a down season last year, Sutton offers the Broncos’ offense the element of a big downfield threat — something Payton has had as a necessity inside of his offensive scheme over the course of his coaching career.

It’s easy to get caught up in the recency and frustration that was last season, but Broncos fans saw the benefit of an actual offensive game plan in the final two games of last season.

Interim head coach Jerry Rosburg designed a game plan which focused on running the football to set up the pass. With some actual structure, it benefited the offensive unit by moving Sutton and Jerry Jeudy around the field in different roles.

Defenses began to focus on Jeudy who finished the season on a monstrous note, which opened up receiving opportunities for Sutton who hauled in a touchdown in Denver’s season finale.

Under better design, Sutton should thrive inside of Payton’s offense this season if they keep him in the fold.

KJ Hamler will be 100% healthy entering training camp
One thing the Denver Broncos new coaching staff needs to consider is allowing Sutton, Jeudy, Patrick, and KJ Hamler the chance to play together for the first time ever.

Since Denver drafted Jeudy and Hamler in the 2020 NFL Draft, the collective group of four receivers have never all played together at the same time. Sutton suffered an ACL injury in 2020, Hamler suffered an ACL injury in 2021, and Patrick went down with his knee injury in 2022.

They all possess enough talent that could help turn around Denver’s offensive woes if they can stay healthy.

Hamler returned earlier than anticipated in 2022 after having reconstructive knee and hip surgery. On his journey back last season, he suffered several soft tissue injuries that hampered his availability — ultimately resulting in the team shutting him down for the season.

The belief is that he’ll be 100% heading into training camp. Hamler’s speed element was on display in 2022 despite limited snaps and opportunities.

He had seven catches for 165 yards last season, averaging 23.6 yards per reception including receptions of 55 yards, 45 yards, and 44 yards.

Hamler could be a very pivotal piece for the offense next season.

Jerry Jeudy has become the top option in the receiving room
This upcoming season will be crucial for Jerry Jeudy as he enters a contract year with the Denver Broncos. Denver has until May 1st to determine whether or not they want to exercise his fifth-year option, but regardless, the expectations surrounding him this year are high.

When Jeudy was made the focal point of the offensive game plan, great things happened and the team moved the ball downfield consistently. With his route-running ability, fluid hips, and disciplined footwork, getting open wasn’t an issue for the former first-round pick.

After former head coach Nathaniel Hackett failed to establish an offensive game plan that actively moved Jeudy and Sutton around for the first half of the season, he went on a tear to end the season.

In the final six games of the season, Jeudy hauled in 37 catches for 523 yards and three touchdowns.

With Payton coming in to put his fingerprints over the Broncos’ offense, Jeudy should become the focal point in the receiving game this upcoming season.

One thing is certain, the Broncos should do whatever they can to give this receiving core a chance to thrive in what should be a better offensive scheme than they’ve been in for the last three seasons.