The Nuggets are making it clear that no player on their roster is safe as the team looks to get back to the playoffs and put two seasons of sub-par performance (on and off-court) behind them.

Even Danilo Gallinari, who had a career high points per game in 2013-14 under Brian Shaw before seeing a decline in 2014-15 due to injury and decreased playing time – presumably as the Nuggets tried to improve their lottery position, is now on the trading block.

Marc Spears covered the Nuggets for the Denver Post previously and maintains good contacts within the organization. His source says Gallinari is available.

While Ty Lawson (and others) showed discontent as last season slipped out of control, Gallinari was one of the few players who maintained a high level of play down the stretch for the Nuggets, averaging 18.6 points per game and 31.2 minutes per game after the All-Star break.

Still, Chris Dempsey, who covers the Nuggets for the Denver Post, said in a recent mailbag feature, “…no player is untouchable if the deal is right. But I wouldn’t expect the Nuggets to clean house more than retool and then assess what else needs to be done.”

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports wrote late Wednesday that the Nuggets are trying to find a way in to a deal with the Lakers and Kings that would allow them to unload Lawson: “Denver has had interest in a three-way deal that would land Cousins with the Lakers and possibly deliver the Kings several players – including point guard Ty Lawson – who Karl has expressed a desire to be reunited with in Sacramento, sources said.”

In that same mailbag, Dempsey was asked to put odds on Denver trading away Lawson or Kenneth Faried on draft night.

“As far as Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried, if I’m putting odds how likely it is for them to be dealton Thursday,” he said. “I’d say the odds are greater for Lawson than for Faried. Neither, however, is a certainty.”

What is a certainty is that the Nuggets are not content with sub-40-win seasons and missing the playoffs like they’ve experienced the past two years.

Nuggets GM Tim Connelly has to be tired of the questions as to whether or not he can build a successful roster in Denver. Now, with a new coach and a new attitude, he appears prepared to make any moves necessary to get players who want to be here and who want to play hard.

Connelly found a gem in Jusuf Nurkic in last year’s draft. Nurkic was one of the few players the brain trust around Mile High Sports considered safe in Denver, but Sam Smith wrote Wednesday on, “…the Knicks at No. 4 have been much rumored to possibly trade down. One move making the rounds lately has them going to Denver and No. 7 for No. 4 and getting Jusuf Nurkic, the rugged big man the Nuggets got from the Bulls…”

Connelly made what appeared on the surface to be a good move in trading Nate Robinson for Jameer Nelson in January, especially as Lawson spun out of control in the weeks and months to follow, but Nelson has reportedly decided to opt out of his contract  and enter free agency – though he may continue to pursue negations with the team, according to

Wilson Chandler was a target for the Clippers during the season, though a deal did’t ultimately go through. As Connelly and the Nuggets consider their options during the draft, Dan Feldman of wonders if Chandler might move again.

Lawson, Faried, Gallinari, Chandler and Nurkic: all reportedly up for grabs. With the draft just a few hours away, clearly Connelly and the Nuggets front office appear prepared to make any move necessary to get the team back into the playoffs.