News broke Monday morning that Walt Weiss had stepped down as manager of the Colorado Rockies. Now, with Weiss gone, general manager Jeff Bridich has been given the opportunity to hand pick the manager he wants running the show.

It wasn’t a secret that Bridich and Weiss did not see eye to eye on certain situations, with reports circulating that the tensions boiled to the point that Weiss was not involved in critical offseason signings.

When stuff like this comes to be it becomes fairly obvious that a breakup is in order.

With the split now official, all eyes are on Jeff Bridich to hire the right guy for the managerial void.

Bridich needs to get things right for his reputation, the Rockies organization and the team’s fan base.

In two decades of existence, the Rockies have yet to win a division title, and have been kept from the playoffs entirely since 2009. That needs to change, and fast, as the Rockies have too much talent to continue to underachieve.

The team finished first in nearly every offensive statistic in 2016 and were able to find decent amounts of success with the pitching staff (an unexpected surprise), but ill-timed decisions from Weiss and a slew of collapses from the bullpen kept the Rockies from reaching their potential.

There’s enough talent on this team to be playing baseball in October, and now they need to find the right manager to get the job done.

Bridich wants his guy running the show with the guys he’s hand picked playing.

Bridich was with the organization when guys like Nolan Arenado, Trevor Story and David Dahl were all drafted, and he led the charge in the acquisitions of Gerardo Parra, Jake McGee, Chad Qualls and Jason Motte.

He knows these guys, and he wants a guy who shares the same beliefs in the game as him to run the show.

The Rockies job should be an attractive one, with a juggernaut offense and a bright, young pitching staff at the manager’s disposal.

If the Rockies continue to sink, this will be on Bridich. It’ll be his manager and his players next season. There won’t be a fall guy to pin failure on this time. All eyes are on Bridich to get this right and jumpstart the Rockies journey to the promise land.

A few names to keep an eye on are Dave Martinez and Glenallen Hill as possible candidates for the job.