If you’ve been following the Denver Broncos for an extended period of time, then the name “Greek” means a lot more to you than just another language you likely don’t understand. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, I’ll explain:

Steve “Greek” Antonopulos is the Denver Broncos head athletic trainer, and he has been for the last four decades. From Elway to Griese to Plummer, Cutler and Manning, “Greek” has been giving everything he has to this franchise for longer than any player on this roster has been alive.

In fact, he’s been a part of the Denver Broncos longer than anyone, including Pat Bowlen and John Elway.

Earlier this month, as “Greek” entered his 40th season with the franchise, the team gifted him this painting, created by artist Gabe Richesson.

Talk to any former Bronco, and they’ll all speak fondly of “Greek,” including former quarterback and current head coach Gary Kubiak, who spoke up on the long-time trainer on Friday.

Kubiak on meeting “Greek” as a rookie

“I remember walking through that blue barn off 58th avenue. He had hair when I walked in. ‘Greek’ is a great friend. I have great respect for him as a professional, but he’s a great friend, too. He’s an amazing guy.”

Kubiak on if their relationship has changed over the years

“It really hasn’t. We’ve always been very close. We spend a lot of time together every day now. I confide in him a great deal on how I handle the football team and how they’re doing physically. Whether to do this with them on this day or push them on this day. He has a great pulse for the football team and the locker room. They players respect him a great deal.”

Kubiak on confiding in “Greek”

“That’s the place everybody lays around and talks ball and shop. ‘Greek’ probably hears a lot of things he doesn’t want to hear, but that’s kind of part of what he does. He understands our players and understands our team as well as anybody.”

Kubiak on “Greek” being inducted into the University of Northern Colorado Hall of Fame

“Isn’t that something? I’ll tell you what, ‘Greek’s’ wall is full. That’s pretty cool. ‘Greek’ is a special person in this organization and a special person in pro football with how long he’s been doing it. He’s like a father to a lot of people around here, guys that have played for him or came through here. We’re all very proud of him. That is pretty neat.”

Kubiak on how “Greek” has been preparing the team this week

“‘Greek’ and those guys are on them and pumping them as much as they can. I can’t sit here and tell you that I know exactly what they do, but I know that they obviously have a plan in place all the time with how they go about the night before. We play late, too, so we have a couple plans in place to get them up early in the morning and do some things, too. That’s always part of the equation.”

(Featured Image via PFATS.com)