The Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavericks squared off last night at Pepsi Center with Dallas fighting for a playoff position and Denver virtually eliminated from one. The question I pose this morning is: Which of these two teams would you rather be right now?

Dallas has a legitimate shot this season at making the playoffs. However, making the playoffs would virtually guarantee them a pounding courtesy of the Golden State Warriors or San Antonio Spurs.

The Mavericks have an aging superstar in Dirk Nowitzki and seven other aging players on their roster with nine or more years of NBA experience. Dallas also has no young talent on the roster to be particularly excited about and no first-round selections in the upcoming draft.

Denver will miss the postseason for a third straight season. However, the Nuggets have only two players on their roster getting up there in age in Jameer Nelson and Mike Miller. Denver has tons of young talent, especially in Emmanuel Mudiay and Nikola Jokic. The Nuggets also could have as many as four first-round selections in the upcoming draft.

Times have been difficult at the Pepsi Center over the past three seasons, but look at the incredible future the Nuggets have; the team has hope and direction to dig out of disappointment. It appears that the Mavericks are just approaching the beginning of their inevitable slide.

Nuggets’ fans are tired of losing, but can you really be that disappointed when Denver’s future is so bright?

All I know is that right now, I would much rather be Denver than Dallas. What about you?