Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Five key takeaways from the Denver Broncos’ victory over the Cincinnati Bengals

Behind a breakout performance from Trevor Siemian, there's a lot to takeaway from the Denver Broncos' victory over the Cincinnati Bengals

No Fly Zone grounds Andy Dalton and A.J. Green

The Denver Broncos defense again stymied an excellent quarterback and extended one of the more jaw-dropping stats in football.

The Broncos defense continues to play best when it matters most

Just like a fine wine, the Broncos defense has proven that it gets better with age. In the Broncos 29-17 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, the defense got better as the game progressed.

No excuses needed, the Broncos just keep winning

The Broncos had plenty of built in excuses heading into Week 3, but they didn't need any of them as they walked out of Cincinnati with win No. 3
John Elway

LOOK: Did John Elway just troll a poor Twitter user?

511 days after a Twitter user criticized John Elway's selection of Trevor Siemian, the Denver Broncos general manager fired back

Special teams play a mix of highs and lows for Broncos in Cincinnati

Despite inconsistencies, Denver's win probably doesn't happen without special teams, but they definitely need to eliminate some mistakes in the third phase.

PLAYER REACT: The Denver Broncos love their quarterback

After a breakout performance from Trevor Siemian, his Denver Broncos teammates rally around their quarterback on social media following the game
Trevor Siemian

Broncos beat Bengals thanks to big plays from little names

These three players came up very big in the Broncos victory over the Bengals even though they won't get much recognition for it

Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas back up their strong comments

Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas made it clear they wanted to see more action in the Broncos' offense, and they delivered on Sunday

Ray, Phillips and other backups help pave the way to a Broncos win

Shane Ray had a big day, John Phillips made a big play and three other backups played important roles in Denver's win at Cincinnati.