Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Has Virgil Green finally figured it out?

After five years in the NFL, has Virgil Green finally figured out how to become an effective receiving threat for the Denver Broncos?
Brandon McManus

LOOK: Brandon McManus hasn’t given up his dream of being the Broncos quarterback

Brandon McManus has been vying for the Broncos starting quarterback job all offseason, and he's not giving up just because Trevor Siemian got the job

Sitting for a year puts Paxton Lynch in good company

Gary Kubiak has decided to hold off on the Paxton Lynch era a little while longer, and that may end up being a good thing for the first-round quarterback

Trevor Siemian has the one trait the Broncos starting quarterback needs

Although he's relatively unknown, new Broncos starter Trevor Siemian shares one important trait with his Hall of Fame predecessor says a Pro Bowl teammate.
Trevor Siemian

Gary Kubiak on Trevor Siemian: “I believe in this kid”

Gary Kubiak has officially named Trevor Siemian the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos, and it's not just for show

WATCH: Paxton Lynch will play all four quarters in Arizona

Gary Kubiak told the collected media that he intends to have Paxton Lynch play the entire Preseason Week 4 game against the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday.
Mark Sanchez

Three QBs the Denver Broncos could sign once they part ways with Mark Sanchez

With Trevor Siemian being named the starter, Mark Sanchez is sure to be on his way out of Denver, and here are three quarterbacks who could take his place
Mark Sanchez

REPORT: Denver Broncos attempting to trade Mark Sanchez

With the news dropping this morning that the Broncos will be starting Trevor Siemian Week 1, Mark Sanchez has officially been placed on the trading block.

Northwestern wins for weirdest congrats tweet to Trevor Siemian

The Wildcats sent a downright creepy tweet to congratulate Trevor Siemian on being named the Broncos Week 1 starter.
Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos release 11 players as cut-down deadline approaches

The Denver Broncos have to pare down their roster to 75 players by Tuesday afternoon, and they got a head start on Monday, releasing 11 players.