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Mark Knudson’s 3 Strikes: Air Force’s Power 5 options, MLB’s new rules and MPJ’s...

This week, Mark looks at Air Force's Power 5 options, the new rules for Major League Baseball and Michael Porter Jr.'s return.

Colorado Rockies infield defense about to put on a show

The Colorado Rockies don't have much of an identity, but they are about to have an extremely exciting and dynamic group of infielders... especially on defense.

How the Colorado Rockies can commit to a mini tank

The Colorado Rockies don't tank on purpose but they do have a chance to improve their draft position a bit with some quality losing down the stretch.
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Mark Knudson’s 3 Strikes: Buffs Transfer Portal balance, Toglia following Helton and QB approaches...

The Buffs need balance in the transfer portal, Toglia is following Helton's path and the Broncos and Seahawks differ in QB approach.

The National League Divisions show stark contrast in quality

Over the last decade, but especially over the last five years, the NL West has been considerably more difficult to win than the other two divisions.

Brendan Rodgers has quietly become Colorado Rockies best player

Pretty quietly, Brendan Rodgers has emerged as the Colorado Rockies most valuable player in 2022, showcasing that he has even more to come.

Colorado Rockies starting pitching needs new blood

The Colorado Rockies were supposed to be built around their starting pitching. Well, it looks like the foundation is gonna need some work.

Colorado Rockies exhibit more poor roster management

In designating Robert Stephenson for assignment, the Colorado Rockies have shown once again that they keep making unforced errors in roster management.

Kyle Freeland on Elehuris Montero: “Has a chance to do some special things”

Pitcher Kyle Freeland says that rookie hitter Elehuris Montero "has a chance to do some special things in this league."

Mark Knudson’s 3 Strikes: Depth an issue for Broncos, Prospects season for Rockies, and...

This week Mark looks at the Broncos depth, prospect season for the Rockies and the possibility of a former Nugget making his return.

Charlie Blackmon’s weird and wonderful career

Charlie Blackmon's career with the Colorado Rockies has been about as unusual as the come in modern MLB.

Now could be Elehuris Montero’s time to shine

August has been a good month for Elehuris Montero and if he keeps it going it'll be nice for Colorado Rockies fans.

Mark Knudson’s 3 Strikes: Broncos get fresh eyes, Fernando Tatis Jr. and mixing NIL...

This week, Mark looks at the Denver Broncos' fresh set of eyes, Fernando Tatis Jr.'s suspension and NIL mixing with politics.

The few reasons left to watch the 2022 Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies have been brutal to watch in 2022 but there are still a few fun things going on out there on the diamond for the die-hards still watching.

The poetic ending of the Colorado Rockies, St. Louis Cardinals series

Colorado Rockies fans haven't had much to cheer for in 2022 but the end of the Cardinals series was an exception.

Mark Knudson’s 3 Strikes: Nolan’s MVP push helps the Rockies, business is better than...

Arenado's MVP push can help the Rockies, business is better than baseball for Monfort and CSU has Power 5 options.

Trade Deadline highlights everything wrong with modern MLB

When did the race for the bottom become more competitive than the race for the top? When did the smokescreen of being smart, giving cover to owners who pocket the savings of losing on purpose, become so commonplace?

Colorado Rockies, Daniel Bard extension by the numbers

The MLB world largely trashed the Colorado Rockies extension of Daniel Bard but what do the numbers have to say about it?

Jose Iglesias’ remarkable, invisible accomplishment

Jose Iglesias has been fantastic this season at something very few, if any, Colorado Rockies players have ever managed.

Mark Knudson’s 3 Strikes: Rockies must sell, a Buff great passes away and Broncos...

With playoff hopes gone, the Rockies should sell, a Buff great recently passed away and the Broncos need more takeaways.

Colorado Rockies roster isn’t all that needs changing

The Colorado Rockies may or may not make some moves at the MLB trade deadline but those will pale in comparison to more important changes needed for this team.

All-Star pitchers struggle at Coors Field too

We all know that Coors Field is the toughest place to pitch but how do the best in the game manage to handle it?

Colorado Rockies clamoring for competitiveness

The Colorado Rockies concluded the unofficial first half playing well but can their decent play truly lead to anything more than mediocrity?

Juan Soto news reveals MLB’s biggest problem

The news that Juan Soto is likely to be traded reveals just how out of control the economics of MLB have gotten.

The real Kris Bryant stands up

The Colorado Rockies signed Kris Bryant hoping he could be exactly what he was on this road trip. Now he has a chance to win the hearts of the fans.

Colorado Rockies pitchers that could or should be traded

This could be the most activity we've seen from the Colorado Rockies at the MLB trade deadline in a very long time.

The pros and cons of trading Colorado Rockies position players

Let's breakdown the pros and cons of the Colorado Rockies trading Jose Iglesias, Randal Grichuk, and C.J. Cron.

Clayton Kershaw proves how unfair Coors Field truly is

Clayton Kershaw has been bad at Coors Field over his career along with many other elite MLB pitchers. What can we learn, then, about those who call it home?